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AM  JAPAN provides more than 200,000 automobiles vehicles each week online on their auction system. Moreover AM JAPAN takes part in auctions everyday worldwide. AM JAPAN gets auction data and photos on daily basis from the auction.


A deposit that is refundable is required to publish a live bid on the auction system online, we're sorry to say to our respected customer that, on the cancellation of your order or any miss commitment from the customer then the amount deposit may be deprived. Customer service of AM JAPAN (CSC) really confirms the reputation of deposit of every customer at regularly intervals.  The services are there for you 24/7. On successful Bid; the remaining charges is required inside 3 days of the acquisition.


The automobile should be provided at the right port at the right day of export, for inspection and verification of the VIN.

The sale of used cars, the expanded price of transportation, and different other cars to other overseas locations is of profit still worldwide due to the low cost and good quality of the automobiles.

In Japan, the used vehicles are in particular sold at the auto auctions with car owner`s help and dealer`s help. At the car auctions, owners hide from bidders and the authority auctioning provide the vehicle evaluations called as inspection sheets. Exporting vehicles to Japan must be prepared in documentation before shipping them overseas. Thousands of vehicles are exported all over the world to various countries for profits because many used vehicles are of good conditions and high quality that are capable to be used for some more years. Mostly vehicles that are to be exported must have vehicle export permit. Vehicles that are driven in Japan are right handed; the driver seat is at the right side of the vehicle.  Commonly, majority of exporters are responsible for their companies and for the completion of their vehicle`s exportation until it arrives at the importer`s port destination.

In case you export an automobile, you must deal with import and the registration techniques to the destination in the other country.

The manufacturer issues you a conformity certificate for an automobile that has been built in accordance with a European kind of approval. It suggests that the car meets the most relevant requirements of the country. If you like to export the vehicle to other countries with a license plate then you must have a contemporary transit number plate at time of exportation.




Exporters should show the type of the vehicles to Director-general of Customs as well as the number, of vehicles, and each most important required document. An export permit should also be available after the physical examination of the car for export. Vehicles that are to be exported should be delivered to the Customs or a specific storage to place the vehicles in. The agent or exporter (that is referred as a Customs broker) gets ready for an export statement that describes the number, nature, and types, of the automobiles that are to be exported. This documentation should be with exporters and different important documents if they are required by Japanese rules and regulations and their Customs law.

 The checking of the document is carried out at the time of the Export Statistical schedule, while the approval is stored and required permission with respect to automobiles is also stored,

 The examinations of vehicles at the zone of Customs are carried out at a Customs examination quarter in the Customhouse.

At the time of announcement of export, the exporter said for submission of two copies of the export reports. Where one is put for the use statistics and the other one is kept at Customs for the requirements which include certification of export.

The principal law concerning the exports is the custom law that depends on the type of cargo. In some of the cases there is requirement of a prior permit for exporting the cargo before export statement.

The export statistics of Japan are produced from the customs of Japan for exporting cargo. As per the laws and regulations the cargo exporters who requires getting approvals, permits should also prove that these requirements have been fulfilled the clearance procedure of customs.