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GOAL: To continue nice relation with associates forever.


AM JAPAN was established 17 years ago and getting success with their hard struggle and smart working. Expanding their business and getting its objectives. AM JAPAN Corporation deals to provide innovative ideas to its consumers globally. We focus on the comfort of our customers. We serve premium products at the premium price. We consider on customer satisfaction and quality of cars. Manufacturing the highest quality of vehicles for you is our priority. We provide help in your trouble. In the progressive world of today things are becoming easy to deal with and we ponder to make it more reliable for you. In our industry safety means that our customers must be protected from any danger while driving our manufactured vehicles. AM JAPAN therefore serves you the safest automobiles. The worldwide users of the Japanese cars are at good economical price and also affordable to the customers. The quality of the used Japanese cars has been on the top of quality in the world. Therefore we serve you a nice platform to discover and get benefit from our service and have fun with the advantages that AM JAPAN offers you.

Our organization does not compromise on the luxury quality of the cars being manufactured and assembled here. Our struggle is always to provide high standard vehicles to you. AM JAPAN manufactures luxury automobiles, four wheel drive vehicles and variety of other to promote better driving conditions.

The growth of our organization has been predicated on our strategies, our company has its success due to its high quality engines around which we design a wide variety of standard vehicles. The engines of our automobile cars are modern, good service providing and long lasting all over the globe.

The quality of vehicles and its comfort for our customers will be first priority of our organization.

We offer prices that are negotiable and every inquiry is acceptable and is welcomed. If you like to visit us to deal directly then the FOB or C&F costs can also be discussed upon your request.

According to us automobiles should have simple systems with high resistance to severe overloads in the operating conditions. Our industry manufacture vehicles that have automotive body designs and these designs are often classified according to the arrangement of seats, number of doors and structure of the roof. Automobile`s roofs are supported by the pillars on each side of its body.

The Automotive bodies are commonly made of sheet steel whose steel with various elements improve its ability so that it remains firm and never wrinkles. We fit the most successful engine in our vehicles so that it operates flexibly over a wide range of speeds and the power developing for the given weight.



Our company is involved in vehicle exports since Japan started exporting vehicles, AM JAPAN has been contributing to the development of Japan’s vehicle`s industry. We were helping to enrich the motoring lives of clients globally, by offering good quality Japanese cars to the markets in the world, to develop sale and service network all over the world.

By advertising that takes us high on our worldwide network, we offer the ultimate products for every marketplace as well as a comprehensively extensive variety of flexible features appropriate to the needs of markets and customers.

We develop distribution for manufacturing spare parts; opening the marketplaces of neighbor countries and growing export operations; and constructing wholesale, retail sales. As a result to the structural modifications in the automobile companies in latest years, we are broadening the scope of our vehicles to involve in upstream and downstream areas.

In Japan, we're providing a multifaceted approach to the entire vehicle industry. AM JAPAN will broaden its area of business by giving full play to the complete abilities and to improve synergies among the organization as well as other companies in Japan. Our company is the best producer of commercial cars. It’s involved with operations for the sale of products. We decide to supply good cars with innovative environmental technologies to people all over the world. With the issues like much fuel consumption worldwide we have faith in to present friendly environmental automobiles that fulfill the current needs of the generation.